Autism Infographic: What’s Happening In the Brain

Autism rates in children are at an epidemic level and still rising. In order to address these rising rates and better treat the condition, it’s important to understand what’s happening in the brain of a child with autism. Based on the science of neuroplasticity or brain plasticity, many aspects of the brain are changeable over the course of a lifetime. By knowing what areas of the brain are affected, we can target our treatment approach accordingly to strengthen and change these weak functions of the brain. The following autism infographic provides a visual overview of ASD and what’s happening in the brain of a child on the spectrum.

Autism Infographic


From the Book Autism by Dr. Robert Melillo

Autism The Scientific Truth About Preventing Diagnosing and Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders and What Parents Can Do Now


I believe most children with autism have a developmental problem affecting the functions primarily on the right side of the brain. It means that either the right brain is growing too slowly or the left brain is growing too fast, or both. IN either case, it creates a right-brain deficit and the symptoms we typically recognize as autism. You notice your child’s head has an odd tilt. He may have a funny gait – cute, but odd. He covers his ears as if in pain when he hears you bang around pots and pans. You’re waiting for those first words that should have come months ago. You notice he’s oddly withdrawn and doesn’t express much interest in others. The struggles you see in autism are almost all associated with impaired right-brain skills.

Want to know more about right brain deficiency? Check out my book Autism to learn more about brain function in children with autism and what you can do to help remediate hemispheric deficits.

  • Jayasankar Panda

    Respected Dr.Robert Melillo,
    As I am a SLP professional from India .working in a rural based hospital.Now a days so many autistic children are coming to us in late age.If u will provide some early diagnosis awareness material and intervention procedure material we can translate it in our local language and distributed .
    I personally gone through some material right up you are doing great job.Thanks a lots.Have a nice day.

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