Your Family Empowerment Plan for the New Year

Family Empowerment | Dr. Robert Melillo

I think the real secret to success is failure. Not failure itself, but how you handle it. To so many of us, failure is our number one fear. This is never more obvious than when it comes to struggles in a growing family.

Embrace Failure So It Propels You to Success

Many of the world’s prominent people have said that learning from their failures was the key motivator in their success. Unfortunately, most of us don’t recognize the positive influence failure can have on life. I’d like you to think of failure as a necessary step to ultimately getting what you want for yourself and for your family. Think of the difference it would make in your motivation if you didn’t fear failure along the way but rather you embraced it as a first step to success.  Imagine a basketball player standing at a foul line and not taking a shot because he might miss. Truth is, that in life, almost everyone misses his or her first shot.  Each miss is a learning experience and every basket made is a step toward success.

Instilling the Idea of Empowerment Opens Up a World of Possibilities

Getting past your fears and to family empowerment as I discuss in my book “Reconnected Kids” may at first feel uncomfortable, even awkward. At some point, you may find it stressful or be ready to call it quits because of feeling defeated. You need to commit to this process for as long as it takes to get it right. In fact, when you get the program right, family life won’t be stressful at all.  If you expect to experience some failure along the way, you will have adopted the mind-set of people who succeed. Embrace failure so it propels you to success. Be fearless when it comes to knowing what you want and why you want it and be prepared to take action to get it.

What Would You Try to Do if You Knew You Wouldn’t Fail?

One of the best things about success is that it is motivating. Positive results reinforce beliefs and motivation. So, how do you find the contagious motivation to make your life successful and happy, if there isn’t much to be happy about to begin with? By creating your results first! This is the core of the Family Empowerment Program. You will create your results first by creating a powerful vision of what you want your results to be. Each vision needs to be so powerful that it excites you. Find the child in yourself. Don’t think as an adult with adult expectations. Think as a child would, believing anything is possible.

Purpose Gives You the Motivation to Attain Your Vision

Purpose is the reason to want something. It gives you the motivation to want something and creates the positive energy waves of the law of attraction. It’s what will keep you motivated when the going gets tough and will sustain you when it gets even harder. Think about how achieving the results you’ve visualized will enhance your life and the lives of everyone in your family and why that result is important to you. This is your purpose. It doesn’t matter how many purposes you have in mind as long as you write them all down, using descriptive, powerful and motivating language.

Getting to Your Goal

Would you attempt to start a business without a business plan? Would you plan a trip without some sort of itinerary? So then why should you live your life without a plan? It’s not enough to just wish for something to happen. No matter how positive your thoughts, you’re not going to experience the law of attraction unless you take action and maintain a powerful commitment to stick it out. This is the most important part of the Family Empowerment Program. Having an action plan to carry out your goals is what will make the visions you just created for every important area of your life become reality.

To learn more about the secret to Family Empowerment and how to develop an action plan to reach your full potential, check out my book “Reconnected Kids.”