Fox News Features Dr. Robert Melillo and The Brain Balance Program®

We’re very excited to announce Dr. Melillo’s appearance on a segment produced by Fox Health that features his work with Brain Balance Achievement Centers. The spot features The Brain Balance Program as an innovative program that eases ADHD symptoms naturally.

As Fox reported:

The specialized learning centers, of which there are now 80 throughout the country, were developed by Dr. Robert Melillo, a neurology researcher and author of the book “Disconnected Kids,” to help balance the brains of kids with learning disorders, like Mallory. 

“What thinking really is is really coordinating different networks in the brain so that we can bring all of those networks together at one time,” Melillo told “And if [kids] have poor coordination in their body, they often have poor coordination in their brain — poor coordination between their networks — so they can’t bring all these networks together to learn in the most optimal way.”

The full segment can be viewed above or on

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