How to Add More Value and Make More Money

“Know your value, don’t over or underestimate it but know what you are worth and don’t accept less.”

how to make more money
Many people who are health care providers or social workers did not get into their line of work for money. They have a thing that says that they should not make money if you are helping people. Most health care practitioners I know and teach are struggling financially as are many people in general. Again, they have a subconscious mindset that they don’t feel they deserve to make money and tell people that they are not getting paid what they are worth.

This mentality is damaging and wrong . The fact is you almost always get paid what you are worth. Money is actually just a way of keeping score as to how much value you add to the world. Every person has a value of course, but not every person adds value to the world. Many people take much more than they give. These people are always struggling because you always get paid equal to the value you add. Everyone should strive to make as much money as they can because it means you are adding great value to others. What you do with that money is up to you; give it away, help others, but no one should ever feel guilty about wanting or making money.

Having multiple streams of income is the best way to make money and add great value in different places. The more value you add to more people, the more money you will make. If you are not making enough money look at how you can add more value to more people.

My group coaching program is one way I help others to help more people and generate more income. I teach a group coaching program that helps people learn how to educate people in the basics of Brain Integration and lifestyle coaching. They can work with many people from all around the world, adding great value to their lives- with only a phone and a couple of hours a week. This can be done from home after work or on weekends. It can be done from anywhere in the world. I have done my coaching program from many different countries and cities. I recently did it while on a Greek Island.

It is the one to many models and it increases the value you add and your income as well as it helps you connect with your life story and your purpose to help others. It is the best way to increase your income and increase your value now.