Law of Attraction, Fear, and the Brain

Law of Attraction, Fear and The Brain

Consider the basic truth that your life is purely a reflection of what your mind is focused on consistently. Most people are consistently focused on their fears – what you’re afraid is going to happen. In this state, your thoughts become like a welcome mat inviting negativity into your life. It’s not unusual for us to focus on our fears because our brains are wired to look at the negative first.

Negative emotion is a right brain activity and is hard to change because the positive left brain likes familiarity. It doesn’t like transitioning to something new. As a result, people have a tendency to spend so much time dwelling on their fears, they almost never clearly think about what they do want in their life. To attract what you want, you must stay focused on what you want and not what you fear.

Anxiety, frustration, anger, a bad attitude, negativity, lack of drive, and so on are all part of our focus on fear. It becomes our environment – an environment of our own creation, and the environment we create for our children. Living in a negative environment perpetuates negative emotions in our kids. If you have a child with a neurological disorder, the negativity is going to be even more pronounced because it is going to create avoidance tendencies and other behavioral issues.

To create a positive environment at home and to help your child create noticeable positive change in behavior and/or school performance, you must create an environment of possibility in which your children can believe in themselves. This starts with changing the attitude within you. By instilling the right attitude, you are engaging the law of attraction and drawing on positive energies. Free yourself to find and follow your own dreams and set the same example for your children so that they can follow their own dreams. The way to lead is by example. Learn more about the secret to family empowerment in my book Reconnected Kids.

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