Do You Have Left Brain Deficiencies?

The signs of a left brain deficiencies are usually more subtle those of the right brain and can often go undetected until a child is in school. These children may appear kind of shy and even withdrawn and may not be as motivated to want to do the things that typical kids like to do. They often prefer to hang out around the house more than going out to play with friends. Some  may be kind of sullen and sad. In fact, depression is believed to be a result of decreased activity in the left side of the brain.These are the kids who were usually slow to start speaking. They may not be good verbally and may not like to talk a lot. Or they may mess up their sentences when speaking, making it hard to understand them.

Poor language skills are a hallmark of a left brain imbalance, especially as someone gets older. These children have problems with reading and spelling because they can’t identify the sounds of letters. And this can show up in their speaking ability as well. All this can be the result of a problem  with processing words and sound. Not only does this affect reading and speaking skills, but these children can be bad at music and may not be able to carry a tune. They may have problems with many subjects, especially basic math, because they are poor with details. This includes fine  detailing they do with their hands. This becomes most obvious as very bad handwriting.

Children  with left  brain imbalances  are often very concerned  with how they look and dress and may be hyperaware of what others think of them. They  can be overwhelmed by emotions because they are so in touch with their own feelings. They have such a sense of pleasing others that they may feel overwhelming guilt or shame for no reason. This may lead to things like self-harm or eating disorders. They  may have unique abilities to read people and situations– leading them to be very social if they get over their shyness and insecurities. They may be very good athletes, and people and teachers usually like them a lot. They tend to be popular and leaders outside the classroom.

Those with left brain imbalances are prone to chronic infections, like colds and ear infections. They may also have an abnormal or irregular heartbeat, called an arrhythmia. 

Left brain deficiencies are often diagnosed as: Dyslexia, Eating disorders, Processing disorders, Central auditory processing disorder, Dyspraxia, Dysgraphia (poor handwriting), Learning disability, Language disorder, Reading disorder, Acalculia (poor calculating skill), Selective mutism

Difficulties That May Involve the Left Brain: Difficulty understanding language, Inability to control reactions, Difficulty putting things in order, Low self-esteem and lack of confidence, Difficulty expressing oneself, Faulty logic, Problems with verbal memory