Build & Grow Your Practice With The Melillo Method

Provide your patients with cutting edge methodologies and protocols based on the hemispheric brain lifestyle. Work with Dr. Melillo to learn how to grow your business by attracting new patients and better servicing your existing ones.


The future of healthcare is understanding that brain health and integration is the foundation of human health. Learn how to build additional income with a scalable and profitable hemispheric lifestyle program. Educating your patients on how to adopt a hemispheric lifestyle is a huge need and a great opportunity! It is new and exciting information to people and it finally makes “sense” to so many who have been searching for answers.


I have spent my life educating people at the highest level and that is great, but many professionals (especially in healthcare, education and mental health) are struggling financially. Unfortunately, post-graduate courses make you better, but they do not make you more money usually. Over the past year, I have been saying that to truly become wealthy and financially independent you need to develop alternate sources of income. Even if you have a thriving business you need another stream of income. Ideally, it should be something you love and are passionate about and it should be lifestyle-friendly.

What I want to teach you is how to create a business and a substantial income by becoming an expert in your community or anywhere that can conduct lectures, workshops, and or individual or group masterclasses for other professionals, teachers, parents or anyone who wants to live a healthier, happier life.

To become a sought-after expert you need two basic things: first, a unique and powerful concept and second, you and your story of how it has impacted you and others. These two things are a powerful message and your story which you are the world’s leading expert in. This is all you need with which you can build a whole new stream of income or new career that you can do from anywhere in the world.
My personal goal is to help you find your own personal greatness and use that to help others find theirs using the Brain Integration Model as the basis. I hope to see you in my upcoming course.




This unique opportunity to learn from the best-of the-best in the field of functional neurology, Dr Robert Melillo. His innovative Melillo Method has been taught to over 10k+ practitioners and helped tens of thousands of patients around the world.


1-1 Masterclass

Get personalized feedback throughout the course from Dr. Robert Melillo. Unlock unique insights from the group of other practitioners who are also enrolled in the program.


Exclusive Access

Due to the intensive nature of this course, space is limited in each cohort to ensure each practitioner gets the attention and time. Each cohort is capped at 20 participants.

About the Program

The Melillo Method’s Clinician Integrative Hemispheric Program is designed to teach you everything you need to know in order to help you build an integrative  hemispheric brain program into your practice. From the ground up, you will learn everything you need to know- including how to diagnose patients, create physical and cognitive exercise plans, build a clean healthy eating program, and program management for your patients. You will learn how to put together a program for each patient that is carefully constructed with clear instructions- right down to identifying the frequency and intensity with which every exercise should be completed.

You will learn how to develop a business where you can bring these skills and your life story to train others to do what you have done to change their lives. This will allow you to develop an alternate stream of income or a new lifestyle friendly career path that gives you flexibility of time and travel.

You will learn how these same hemispheric principles can be used not only to correct problems but also for personal and professional development and how to teach this to others to help them find and achieve greatness in their lives.


  1. Explaining Developmental Neurology and How Brain Imbalances Manifest at All Ages
  2. Understanding Cognitive Style vs Hemispheric Imbalance
  3. How to Diagnose Your Patients and Build Out Custom Patient Programs
  4. Developing a Hemispheric Based Educational Program
  5. How to build and market your program inside your business.
  6. Developing a Comprehensive and Personalized VPA Plan
  7. The Hemispheres and Emotional Regulation
  8. The Basics of the Polyvagal and Sympathetic System and the Social Engagement System
  9. Diet and nutrition and the Hemispheric Lifestyle
  10. Explaining the Autonomic System and the Brain

And much more!