Leverage Your Experience With The Melillo Method To Help Other Families

Build a fulfilling business rooted in the principles of a hemispheric lifestyle.


As you have probably experienced, the concept of brain imbalances is one of the most important discoveries in mental and physical health. It is the core issue in most problems that affect children, adolescents and adults in everyday life. Educating individuals and families on how to adopt a hemispheric lifestyle, whilst teaching them how to reach hemispheric balance is a huge need. It is also a great opportunity to build a community and help others heal by providing them resources and much needed answers they have been searching for, for years.


Every quarter I put together a small group of passionate people that have a great understanding of the significance of balancing the brain.  I teach them in depth and practical program that you can use to improve and optimize your own brain health, while learning about the hemispheric lifestyle and how to build a business within their community. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge and personal experience with balancing the brain, join our upcoming group.




This unique opportunity to learn from the best-of the-best in the field of functional neurology, Dr Robert Melillo. His innovative Melillo Method has been taught to over 10k+ practitioners and helped tens of thousands of patients around the world.

1-1 Masterclass

Get personalized feedback throughout the course from Dr. Robert Melillo. Unlock unique insights from the group of other practitioners who are also enrolled in the program.

Exclusive Access

Due to the intensive nature of this course, space is limited in each cohort to ensure each practitioner gets the attention and time. Each cohort is capped at 20 participants.

Become The Expert

Build A Fulfilling Career

Gain Financial Independence

Help Others Heal

Become The Expert

Learn how to create a business and a substantial income by becoming an expert in your community around the innovative hemispherical lifestyle program. Leverage your personal experience and education to build a business with through working with professionals, teachers, parents or anyone who wants to live a healthier, happier life.

To become a sought-after expert you need two basic things:  a unique and powerful concept and your personal story that has impacted yourself and others. With these  tools, you can build a sustainable stream of income or new career that can help transform the lives of the people you work with.

Become The Expert

8 Weeks

2.5 Hours/ Week



  1. Explaining Developmental Neurology and How Brain Imbalances Manifest at All Ages
  2. Understanding Cognitive Style vs Hemispheric Imbalance
  3. How to Diagnose Your Patients and Build Out Custom Patient Programs
  4. Developing a Hemispheric Based Educational Program
  5. How to build and market your program inside your business.
  6. Developing a Comprehensive and Personalized VPA Plan
  7. The Hemispheres and Emotional Regulation
  8. The Basics of the Polyvagal and Sympathetic System and the Social Engagement System
  9. Diet and nutrition and the Hemispheric Lifestyle
  10. Explaining the Autonomic System and the Brain

And much more!




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