Moving With Purpose and Crafting Your Life Story

“May your choices reflect your hope, not your fear” -Nelson Mandela

Every second of your day is spent taking action….spent being productive…and with a purpose. Even right now in this very moment. Were you aware of that? Right now, even as you are reading this, you are crafting the story of your life. Whether you like it or not, every breath and step that you take adds another page to the narrative of your life. With that in mind, what is it that you want to do with those breaths? With those steps? Your story can be whatever you want it to be, so it’s your responsibility to make meaning and purpose of your time and your actions. Similar to a movie, you are writing your script as you go– and how the film concludes is up to you.

As we are approaching the mid-point of 2019, you should take some time to reflect on these past months. Try to think of the entirety of your life as an ever-growing body of work. Does it help you to realize that nothing is random? Even situations and consequences that you process as punishments or failures have served their purpose. Those perceivably negative circumstances, in particular, are gifts– given to you to encourage your personal growth so that you may become your best self and craft your best story.

Along those same lines, consider how you would also like this year to end. Envision that first and recognize that you have the agency to fill in the rest. Have the desire to fill in the rest and stand proud in what is the one and only life that you’re given.

Everyone has a story to tell, but you can make the story of your life an epic one by how you choose to write the rest and by learning from your past. And don’t let the word epic intimidate you– it doesn’t have to mean the most ambitious or flashy. I define it as the ultimate fulfillment for you and your personal circumstances. The meaning of your life is to find your gifts, take control of your life, and move with a purpose. All it takes sometimes is a little guidance.

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