The Power of Positive Parenting

Power of Positive ParentingUniversal laws tell us that like energy attracts like energy. So, according to this idea, thoughts attract the things and people we are thinking about. Thoughts really do become things! Therefore, life is purely a reflection of where you consistently focus your thoughts.

This idea can also be applied to behaviors within your family dynamic. A positive attitude is like a magnet. Your own positivity will affect a positive attitude in your children. Think of the changes you can influence if you apply this philosophy as a parent! The following tips from my book “Reconnected Kids” will help you to empower your family through positivity.

Stay focused on what you want and not what you fear

Most people are consistently focused on their fears – what you’re afraid of is going to happen. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s not unusual to focus on fears because our brains are wired to look at the negative first as part of our survival instinct – fight or flight – or in terms of how our brain works, approach (left brain trait) or avoidance (right brain trait). Negative emotion is also a right brain activity, which is hard to change because the positive left brain like familiarity and doesn’t like transitioning to something new. People have a tendency to spend so much time dwelling on their fears they almost never clearly think about what they do want in their life. To attract what you want, you must stay focused on what you want and not what you fear.

Create an environment of possibility in which your children can believe in themselves

You are your child’s role model, so if you have forsaken your hopes and dreams in life and have abandoned your goals for the future, chances are your children will follow in your footsteps. To create a positive environment at home and to help your child create noticeable positive change in behavior and/or school performance, you must create an environment of possibility in which your children can believe in themselves. It starts with changing the attitude within you.

Parents out of balance and out-of-balance parenting create a negative family environment

Your children cannot be happy if you’re not showing them how to be happy. Take a look at yourself and consider if you are unhappy, frustrated, or dissatisfied with any aspect of your life. If so, you can bet it’s rubbing off on your spouse and kids. This is why my Family Empowerment Program focuses on parents first. If parents are out of balance it exacerbates negative behaviors in children and strains relationships. By looking at what you want out of life and reconnecting with your dreams, you can start making positive changes in your life as well as within your family dynamic.

What you consistently think about happens. It’s the law of attraction. So why not use the law of attraction to get what you you want? To learn more about my Family Empowerment Program and how you can put a positive force in your thoughts, visualize where you want to be and replace negative thoughts with positive ones, check out my book “Reconnected Kids” and join my personal development group on Facebook, Better Than Good: The Science of Success and Happiness.