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Your Introduction to The Melillo Center

Our Mission

Our goal — through our revolutionary Melillo Method® — is to help struggling people of all ages reach their greatest physical, mental, social, emotional and cognitive potential.

Congratulations on your decision to choose this center for yourself or your family member. We understand the sacrifices and commitment it takes to come here and will do whatever we can to make sure your experience is a positive one.

Dr. Robert Melillo is the creator of the Melillo Method®, a holistic approach to treating patients with a broad spectrum of physical, neurologic and brain-related developmental disorders.

The Melillo Method® is a clinical treatment model used to identify physical and neurologic/brain imbalances, with the foundational principle that all health starts with the brain. With the goal of changing the body, brain and nervous systems by understanding the core issues, the Melillo Method® works with many symptoms of mental, attention, behavioral and learning disorders in patients of all ages.



Healing and Hope

The first thing you will notice as you enter our reception area is a sign that says “Hope Lives Here.” We think of this as our motto when it comes to every aspect of our operations.

Our center is named after our focus — working with physical and neurologic developmental issues. The foundation of development of the nervous system and brain starts with development of the body. Dr. Melillo calls this process the brain developmental blueprint.

We believe our center represents the future of health care. Through our evi- dence-based and cutting-edge treatments, we provide real, measurable results.

The Brain Developmental Blueprint

There is a specific progression in the development of the brain and nervous system, which is tied to motor and other developmental milestones.

Our Operating System

We are all born with a basic “operating system” in our brain and nervous system, enabling us to walk, talk, think, eat and so on. Though we are born with this basic software, it does not mean anything until we interact with and calibrate our nervous system to the world around us. What initiates this process is movement and active sensing of our world.

However, when a baby is first born, its brain is very immature as most human brain development happens outside of the womb. In other words, our motor cortex is not yet developed and we cannot voluntarily control movement — but we need to move to build our brain.

Primitive Reflexes

Humans are born with basic motor and sensory reflexes known as primitive reflexes, allowing us to move and actively sense and engage with the world around us.
Sensory stimulation — like sound, smell, light, touch and movement — then flows back toward the brainstem and brain. The process activates genes that stimulate the cells in the nervous system to grow and form new connections with other brain cells. Mostly present at birth or even before, these motor sensory reflexes hold names like:

  • Asymmetric tonic neck reflex
  • Symmetric tonic neck reflex
  • Moro reflex
  • Palmer grasp reflex
  • Babinski reflex
  • Tonic labyrinthine reflex
  • Rooting, sucking and snout reflex