Virtual Programs

Learn From Dr. Melillo at Your Own Pace

1-On-1 Appointments for Adults and Children

Dr. Melillo primarily focuses on patients of ALL AGES with Neurodevelopmental Disorders like ADHD, OCD, Autism, Sensory Processing difficulties, PANDAS and Tic Disorders to name a few. He is available to meet patients virtually with patients all over the world if you are unable to travel. Click below to learn more!

Life Plan Workshop – Available On Line Now!

In addition to traveling the world to educating groups, Dr Melillo has a passion for helping people set goals and achieve them! With this fantastic on line program, he walks you through the process that he has used for over 20+ years personally… this is a personal journey that will work for anyone – no matter the level of your goals or what those goals are. The program works for business or personal goals, for healthcare professionals, parents or students.. it’s truly something that everyone can learn. This complete process will guide you to set goals, learn why do you want those and create specific action steps to achieving them. The program is 3 1/2 hrs long complete with notes and all of the details you need.

Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disorders – Certification Course

Join Dr. Melillo for his last LIVE 10-module course starting in June 2023 in NYC. The Functional Developmental Behavioral Neuroimmunology course is a brand new version of his certification course that is for healthcare professionals, therapists, teachers, parents, or anyone who wants to change the lives of others. This is going to be a great update for those who previously took the course in years past also. Don’t miss out on the amazing opportunity to learn from Dr. Melillo & learn how you can help others with these disorders and change their lives in the most meaningful way.